How to Create & Use Virtual Machine (VM)

virtual machine

Before to create and use virtual Machine you must need to know about the Virtualization, which is simply used for running a multiple server or service inside single computer or Node. IT professionals referring that as Virtualization environment  , of course you might be know nowadays about virtual machines how about below knowledge required for virtual machines

  •  What is Virtual Machine
  •  How to create Virtual Machine
  •  How to Use Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine is a server that you can run inside one Physical Server instead of adding another physical machine for each server, simply to understand when we see residency buildings on cities and it is single big building but if you enter inside you will find multiple rooms for accommodate different people with own isolation, Similarly you can have the base host which we called as Bare Metal Hypervisors and we can create many VM’s with the limitation of hypervisor resource capacity.

Traditional vs Morden way of hosting Server

Virtual Machines can be created using two hypervisor, which is Bare Metal Hypervisor like VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V  which is mostly for real production use for corp. business purpose and the second type is software type hypervisor can be called as Type 2 hypervisor like VMware Player or VirtualBox, these applications can be installed on your laptops or desktops.

Now if you know about virtualization and then it is good to practice first to install and use application hypervisors on your existing laptops or on your desktops and learn how to install Linux OS and Windows Servers OS.

Action 1:

Go and download VirtualBox , which is open source no cost for license and install on your system recommended for students.

Action 2:

Go and download  VMware Player  which is also free for non commercial or personal use or  VMware Workstation PRO  for more function on virtualization needs to pay for license.

Action 3:

Research about Linux OS like Ubuntu, RedHat, Centos and Windows Client OS like Windows 10 and Windows Server OS like Server 2019, get those ISO file for installation and practice it by installing your first OS for server. 

Action 4:


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