About Me

I am Mohamed Asath aka Mr.O and I don’t believe in titles.

If you think, Why am creating this blog and for what ? Here is the story, I want to share

I was like you and struggling to survive while entering in my career.

  • No Technical Skills
  • No Communication Skills
  • No Certifications
  • No Laptop
  • No Internet
  • No Money

During studies, I Start my first job in my life as a Car Washer while studying in school and then I worked as a part time telephone operator during my college and then A Sales person in furniture shop.

After I get graduate, I tried hard to get job to start my career in I.T and then landed on one of the Tech company in Chennai with the salary, which is enough for only paying shared bed-space and food.

Then with support of my uncle’s, I landed Dubai to pursue my dream for nearly three months. I got three interviews, In which two of them, I failed and one company just collect my documents with no guarantee of offer.

Then, I returned back to Chennai for hunt another job, finally I got selected one the Tech company TCS not in IT sector but as a BPO job.

After, I have done three round interviews, I got selected and where the salary is 3 times more then previous company in Chennai.
which is so good offer, I felt at the time after all failures and struggle.

Finally that TCS project manager call me to his office and he said
I seen your resume which is all about IT industry and this job is completely BPO process any one who has just system knowledge can do this job and I know you have complete all round interviews definitely I need people for my project.”

He gave his personal business card and he asked me to think about it for two days. If I’m really need of this BPO job asked me to join.

It changes my life entirely, then I was redirected to I.T sector and I have been involved in some large IT Operation challenges in IRAQ, OMAN, QATAR, UAE and INDIA, which has provided invaluable knowledge and experience to lead and accomplish my career goals.

“I strongly believed the right guidance in right time can shape the future of any individuals.”

Because of this, I am excited to help and share knowledge to create value for passionate individuals.

                  I.T is a single industry but it touches all industry. 

This blog may help passionate students from 15 years old to 30 years professionals getting starter-ed and develop your real world IT skills & roadmap to land your IT careers and grow yourself.

Knowledge is free to share.

I am grateful for my uncle’s Basheer Ahmed, Mohamed Farook & Ziavudeen for support in times, I need the most.

I am grateful for my parents whom struggled to pay for my studies.

I am grateful for my friend Umar Saleem provided lunch when i don’t have enough money to eat.

I am grateful for TCS manager for the right advise on right time.

I am grateful for that, I struggled a lot with empty stomach and pocket.

which makes me stands here and want to help anyone in return by provide value for the people of empty hand, empty pockets and empty stomach but with a burning desire to success in IT career.